Rafal Rusinek Ph.D. D.Sc. Eng., Prof. of LUT

Rafal Rusinek

I am interested in nonlinear mechanics especially self-excited vibrations in the metal turning process. I deliver a lecture in classical mechanics, mechanical vibrations and strength of materials. I enjoy football and fast riding a bicycle.
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Rusinek R. "Analiza drgań nieliniowych w procesie skrawania toczeniem elementów metalowych" ("Analysis of nonlinear oscillations in turning process of metal elements"), Lublin University of Technology, 2005.

 Krzysztof Kecik PhD. Eng.

Krzysztof Kecik

I work at Department of Applied Mechanics exploring nonlinear dynamics of autoparametric systems. I am interested in bifurcation and chaos investigations by using numerical software as Matlab and Dynamic-Solver programs. In particular my research concerns and practical demonstration of autoparametric vibrations.I find a lot of pleasure in my work but as I also love travelling. I still dream about visiting some remote parts of the world (Australia and New Zealand in particular). In my free time I enjoy sport, especially football. I am also working on improving my English and Russian.
My email address is:
Kecik K. "Drgania autoparametryczne nieliniowego układu mechanicznego z wahadłem fizycznym" (Autoparametric vibrations of a nonlinear mechanical system with a physical pendulum), Lublin University of Technology, 2009.

 Andrzej Mitura, PhD. Eng.

Andrzej Mitura

In my research I work on an optimal passive, semi-active or active vehicle’s suspension system. The most interesting is an abstract car’s model which includes so called ‘sky-hook’ and ‘ground-hook’ dampers. I analyze possible application of magnetorheological dampers to semi-active control of a vehicle suspension system. I also study an impact phenomenon in multibody dynamics. Two impacts models, Newton impact model and an elastic-impact model are tested in a single and a double pendulum system. My email address is: a.mitura@pollub.pl
Mitura A. "Modelowanie drgań nieliniowego zawieszenia pojazdu samochodowego z tłumieniem magnetoreologicznym" ("Modelling of nonlinear vibrations of a vehicle suspension with magnetorheological damping") Lublin University of Technology, 2011.

 Marcin Bochenski, PhD. Eng.

Marcin Bochenski

I work at Department of Applied Mechanics. My research concerns of non-linear vibrations of smart structures and modern composite materials. I study parametric and auto-parametric vibrations of non-linear discrete and continuous systems. My hobby are motor racing and ancient civilizations.
My email address is:

Bochenski M., "Drgania nieliniowe oraz sterowanie autoparametrycznego układu belkowego" ("Nonlinear vibrations and control of an autoparametric beam system"), Lublin University of Technology, 2013.



Andrzej Weremczuk, PhD. Eng.

Andrzej Weremczuk

In my research I deal with nonlinear vibrations with time delay. Mathematical models I study analytically (by the multiple time scale method) and numerically in order to find resonance zones, stable and unstable solutions, bifurcation points and chaotic oscillations. My analysis is applied to cutting process for investigations of so called chatter vibrations. The theoretical results are tested experimentally to validate the model and to observe dynamics of the real system. I also work on an active vibration elimination in machining. I am highly interested in motorization, history and development of technology. My email address is: a.weremczuk@pollub.pl
Weremczuk A., "Analiza drgań nieliniowych układów mechanicznych z opóźnieniem czasowym" ("Analysis of nonlinear vibrations of mechanical systems with time delay", Lublin University of Technology, 2015.


 Zofia Szmit, PhD. Eng.

Zofia Szmit

I work in the Department of Applied Mechanics. In my research I study nonlinear dynamics, dynamics of rotating structures and a synchronization phenomenon. Specially I am interested in a synchronization phenomenon of the rotating mistuned systems.  I teach my students classical mechanics, mechanical vibration theory and strength of materials.  In my free time I like to read books, skiing and car racing.
My email address is: z.szmit@pollub.pl
Szmit Z., "Drgania regularne i chaotyczne wirujących elementów belkowych z uwzględnieniem nieidealnego źródła energii " (‘Regular and chaotic oscilltions of rotating beam-like elements with nonideal energy source’), Lublin University of Technology, 2018.



 Lukasz Kloda, PhD. Eng.

Lukasz Kloda

I work at Lublin University of Technology in Department of Applied Mechanics, study nonlinear dynamics of extensible beams with various boundary conditions. In my research I use the multiple time scales and finite element methods to predict dynamical response of the flexible structures. I have experience in planning, designing and caring out experiments by using contact and contactless measuring instruments.
I am available under email: l.kloda@pollub.pl
Kloda L., "Coupled longitudinal-transversal vibrations of nonlinear planar Timoshenko beams with an axial end spring", Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy, 2020. Lukasz Kloda has been conferred the title of Doctor Europaeus. Supervisors: Prof. Stefano Lenci, Prof. Jerzy Warminski